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This past weekend (June 4 & 5, 2022) California Elite Soccer Club had eight teams participate with the Rebels College Showcase in Oceanside, CA. With an overall performance of 15 wins, 7 losses, and 2 ties in bracket play, CESC enjoyed numerous highpoints and memorable experiences.


1) The 2004 girls team went undefeated in the top bracket of the Showcase.

2) The 2007 girls earned the second position of six teams in the top bracket of the Showcase.

3) The 2003 boys performed at a high level in the topflight of the Showcase (1-1-1).

4) The boys 2005 played up in the u19 bracket with a 3-0 record and moving to the championship.

5) The boys 2007 earning a birth to the championship game.

6) The girls 2008 team winning two games and a tie in bracket play.

7) The boys 2010 team winning big in their first match and performing at a high level in the semifinal game while playing short.

8) The boys and girls of our new 2014 team participating in their first ever tournament together and doing a great job!

9) The united support for each and every team.

10) The enjoyment of players, families, friends, and everyone involved!

In light of the above achievements, we are overjoyed with the progress and development of our players and teams to this point in our offseason. We would like to thank everyone involved and reiterate our appreciation for your support and dedication.




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